Bath Chew Valley Caravan Park
Ham Lane, Bishop Sutton, Nr Bath, BS39 5TY

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Terms & Conditions

1. Booking Confirmation

Bath Chew Valley Caravan Park enters into a contract with you when we confirm your booking. When you make the booking, you warrant that you have the authority of all persons in your party to book on their behalf, and will indemnify Bath Chew Valley Caravan Park against all loss and damage arising directly or indirectly, from any act or default by yourself or any person or animal accompanying you. As party leader you warrant that you will make all persons associated with your party fully aware of their responsibilities.

Once confirmed, bookings are not refundable or transferable.

In addition to these terms and conditions, there may be specific terms which apply to individual pitches. These will, where applicable, be prominently displayed in the reception area of the park. Please note that camping on Bath Chew Valley Caravan Park land is restricted to the areas designated as pitches. Camping in other areas is not permitted.

Bath Chew Valley Caravan Park is not liable for any injury, loss or damage to you, your vehicle(s) or your property and in making a booking with us you free and relieve Bath Chew Valley Caravan Park of any claim arising out of this booking.

2. Services, Features and Facilities

Information about features, facilities or services at your holiday location is, to the best of our knowledge and belief, accurate at time of publication of the brochure and website, but some of these features, facilities and services may not be available at the time you take your holiday.

For guests convenience, all caravans are pitched and levelled by a member of staff, using our small tractor. At the end of your holiday, we also take the caravan from your pitch and hitch it to the back of your car.

We do not allow vehicles on to the grassed areas of the park, cars are also not permitted to park on the pitches, even temporarily, you may park your car in the road way in front of your pitch briefly whilst you load and unload, but this should not be for prolonged periods. Your car should then be moved to the car park.

Awnings and windbreaks may only be used on the gravelled area of your pitch; you may not pitch on or enclose the grassed areas, but ground cover is fine on the hard standing area.

Pitches are suitable for a slideout OR an awning. We cannot accommodate both.

Additional charges apply for hot tubs (or anything similar), available by arrangement only.

As our sites are located in a natural environment, we cannot accept responsibility for any damage, injury or inconvenience caused by wildlife or weather.

Barbecues can only be used if they are raised off the ground. As our park is in the countryside, the use of barbecues may be restricted during periods of dry weather.

We do not generally accept groups of more than 3 vans & only at the manager's discretion.

Between October & April, guests are not allowed on the grassed areas of the park due to increased trip & slip hazards.

We have a barrier at the parks entrance for security. Upon arrival, guests are given an entrance code. This code must stay secure at all times. It must not be divulged to any other person.

Our lodges are designed to accommodate up to 2 people in one double bed, we do not permit the use of the sofas as beds or the accommodation of more than 2 persons.

Visitors (of guests on the park) are charged for the use of facilities. Upon arrival, they must register and pay at reception and the warden will open the barrier for them to park in the car park. Visitors are welcome between 10am and 6pm daily, unless alternative arrangements are made with reception.

There is a per night charge for the use of outdoor electric heaters in awnings or outside.

We do not allow high-current electrical equipment (for example, but not limited to, a washing machine or tumble dryer) on pitches.

The park is not responsible or liable for the temporary loss of utility services (such as water, power, gas, tv, or internet) which are outside of our control. Refunds will not be made.

All advertising material authorised by the park is correct at the time of going to press, but is subject to change. Errors & Omissions Excluded.

3. Pricing

The price of a touring pitch entitles you to locate:
a) one car/motorcycle and one tent/caravan/trailer tent, or
b) one motorhome
within the boundaries of the Bath Chew Valley Caravan Park campsite for the period stated on your confirmation.

Space for one attached single awning or one slide-out is included in the pitch price where awnings are permitted.
A pitch is for a 4-person tent (maximum). If your tent is for more than 4 people, two pitches may be required, at the Site Management's discretion.

The price of a lodge entitles you to locate one car/motorcycle within the boundaries of the Bath Chew Valley Caravan Park campsite for the period stated on your confirmation.

There is an extra charge for additional adults and vehicles, boats, trailers etc, which must be paid at time of booking. During bank holidays and busy times, extras must be pre-booked, otherwise we cannot guarantee there will be space for these. The Site Manager reserves the right to ask you to remove any windbreaks.

4. Cancellation

If you wish to cancel your booking, notice must be given to the address on your booking confirmation. Provided the cancellation is received not less than 30 days before the start date of the holiday, only the deposit monies will be forfeited. If we receive less than 30 days notice or if you fail to arrive, you will be liable to pay the total cost of the holiday.

Please note, if your caravan storage facility or dealer is unable to make your caravan available in time for your holiday, you may have a claim against them to recompense you for the full cost of your holiday that will be incurred.

The failure of your vehicle to make it to our park is not our responsibility & will incur the full cancellation fee.

Poor weather is not our responsibility & will incur the full cancellation fee.

Our customers visit our sites to enjoy the peace and tranquillity of the countryside. If anyone does not respect this, the Site Manager reserves the right to refuse them admission or ask them to leave the site at any time, forfeitting any nights unused. The Site Management also reserves the right to refuse entry to the site to caravans over 8 metres in length, commercial vehicles & units that are not professionally fully converted. The Site Management reserves the right to refuse any person or property which, in our opinion, is not suitable to use on this park, or those whose behaviour we consider to be detrimental to the interests of other guests. The Site Management also reserves the right to alter, postpone or cancel any facility for reasons beyond our control.

To protect other guests, the team, & the local community: you should not visit the park if you or anyone in your household has Covid symptoms or is testing positive for Covid. We will cancel or refuse your booking if we reasonably believe anyone in your party has Covid. On receipt of a proof of positive Covid test, we will hold any deposit paid against a future booking within 12 months. For other cancellations, our standard cancellation policy applies.

We strongly recommend that all customers take out insurance from an approved agent against the cost that will be incurred should you need to cancel your booking at our park.

A booking is only cancelled when you receive our confirmation of your cancellation by letter or email. If you do not receive this, you cannot consider your booking cancelled & you will remain liable for all charges under the booking until you are in possession of the confirmation of the cancellation.

Our right to cancel
There are limited circumstances in which we may need to cancel your holiday. We have the right to cancel your holiday, or any unused days, if the law prevents you visiting or staying with us. We also have the right to cancel your holiday, or any unused days, if Government guidance means that you should not visit or stay with us, even if the law still allows you to.

Bath Chew Valley Caravan Park shall not be held liable for failure or delay in the performance of its obligations under this Contract, if such performance is delayed or hindered by the occurrence of an unforeseeable act or event which is beyond the reasonable control of either party ("Force Majeure Events").

Acts or events constituting Force Majeure Events shall include, but not limited to Act of God, government intervention, directives or policies, restriction of movement, terrorist activities.

If affected by a Force Majeure Event, the park shall notify the guest as soon as soon as reasonably practicable after commencement of a Force Majeure Event.

The remedy for a Force Majeure event will be for Bath Chew Valley Caravan Park to permit transfer of any payments made for the affected visit to another date within one year of the end of the Force Majeure event, Subject to availability & the application of any minimum stay requirements for the selected dates, the cost of the new visit shall be at the rates prevailing for the rescheduled visit, not the original booking.

5. Amendments

Amendments to your booking can be made up to thirty days before the start of your holiday, and are subject to availability and an administration fee. Within thirty days, amendments will only be made in exceptional circumstances, at the discretion of Bath Chew Valley Caravan Park. Amendments are not accepted after your holiday has started. Note that no refunds will be given in the case of adverse weather or early departure.

6. Payment

The Price will be quoted at the time of booking and will be maintained, subject to there being no change to the details of the booking or changes to the regulatory or tax regimes in force. Errors & exceptions excluded.

A full price list is available on request from Reception.

All advance touring bookings include a £50 booking fee which is not refundable or transferable, however this amount is set against the cost of your holiday if you arrive as shown in your confirmation. The balance due for touring pitch bookings must be paid no less than 30 days before arrival. Failure to pay the balance by the due date will result in the cancellation of the booking.

All advance lodge bookings must be paid in full at the time of booking, which is not refundable or transferable.

Bookings for special events, such as the Christmas festive period, particular seasons or contracts & lodges may have their own payment terms which will be explained at the time of booking.

The booking price does not include the charging of electric vehicles and they cannot be charged on pitches. On request and subject to availability, charging may be provided for a fee in the car park.

If you cause any damage or loss to our facilities, you may be charged.

Any undisputed sums overdue from the due date to the date we actually receive such amounts from you, both before and after any judgment that we may obtain against you, are subject to interest at 3% per annum over the published base rate of HSBC UK from time to time.

7. Arrival and Departure

Touring bookings can arrive on site from 2pm to 6pm on the date of arrival.

Lodge bookings can arrive on site from 4pm to 8pm on the date of arrival.

Where you have made an advance booking, we reserve the right to re-book the pitch if you do not arrive by one hour after the latest arrival time for your booking type on the first day of your booking unless a late arrival has been previously agreed or contact has been made.

No vehicle traffic is permitted on sites between 10pm and 7am. If you arrive after this, you will not be able to drive to your pitch.

When pitching, please ensure that you are within the boundaries of your pitch.

Pitches and lodges must be vacated by 11am on the day of departure.

An additional charge is made for all arrivals outside of our stated arrival times.

Pitches are pre allocated prior to arrival, you may request a specific pitch or pitch type, however this cannot be guaranteed. If you have booked more than one pitch, we cannot guarantee that all pitches will be together.

8. Minimum Age

Bath Chew Valley Caravan Park is an adult only caravan site so will only accept bookings for parties where all members are aged 18 years or older.

Visitors under 18 years of age are not allowed onto the park. You may meet your guests in the car park briefly, before departing in your vehicles.

9. Dogs

We accept up to 2 dogs per pitch on condition that they are on a lead at all times and that they are exercised in the designated area. The pitch price includes up to two dogs per pitch. All traces of their presence must be removed before you leave and any fouling must be collected and disposed of immediately, in the bin in the dog walking area, dog mess must not be mixed with regular refuse. Dogs must not be left on site unattended.

Dogs are not permitted in our lodges, even for visitors.

Dog owners are reminded that farmers have the right to shoot dogs worrying their animals.

10. Advance Bookings

There are minimum stay periods and booking conditions throughout the year. This may prevent alterations to bookings where such changes would breach the minimum stay or booking conditions.

11. Data Privacy & Cookie Policy

Click here to view.

We comply with data requests from regulatory bodies. NHS Track & Trace is explicitly included in this.

12. Photography

The park has CCTV for your security and both the park staff and guests regularly take photographs which are used for publicity by the park.

If you do not want your image to be used in this way, please let reception know, otherwise the general principle for image rights in a public environment will apply.

Whilst photography is permitted on the park, publication, both physical & electronic publishing (including posting to social media) requires the permission of the park.

Whether used for photography or otherwise, the use of drones, powered model aircraft or any other powered flying object, by guests are not permitted at any time either controlled by a pilot on the park or flown over the park.

13. Keys

We hold a key to all the accommodation and facilities we own on the Park.

If you are staying in our accommodation, we may use the key for service/maintenance purposes, as well as any purpose authorised by you, for example if you ask us to give access to an authorised visitor. We may require you to confirm your authority in writing.

We may also use the key in an emergency, such as an immediate concern for the health and safety of any person, to carry out urgent repairs or preventative work, or to check and secure the accommodation if it appears to be insecure.

We will take reasonable care when accessing any accommodation.

14. Behaviour Standards

These standards will apply from when you request your booking until your holiday ends. Unless stated otherwise, they apply whether or not you are on the Park at the time. You agree to, and you must make sure that you, your party and any visitors, keep to the following standards of behaviour:

To act in a courteous and considerate manner towards us, our staff and anyone visiting, using or working on the park including other guests.

To observe all traffic signs and highway regulations.

Not make any alteration to any accommodation or pitch.

Not cause any damage during your holiday.

Not do or fail to do anything which might put us in breach of any condition of the site licence.

Not to commit any criminal offence (whether or not on the park or in its vicinity) which causes your name to be entered on the Violent and Sex Offender Register or causes you to be subject to a Risk of Sexual Harm Order or Child Abduction Warning Notice (or any register, order or notice succeeding these).

Not to use the park in connection with any criminal activity or commit any other criminal offence at the park or in its vicinity.

Not to commit any acts of vandalism or nuisance on the park.

Not to use fireworks, Chinese lanterns or any similar open flame heat source on the park.

Not to keep or carry any firearm or any other weapon on the park.

Not to keep or use any unlawful drugs on the park.

Not to create undue noise or disturbance or commit antisocial behaviour on the park.

Not to carry on any trade or business at the park.

Not to permit anyone who is to your knowledge on the Violent and Sex Offender Register or subject to a Risk of Sexual Harm Order or a Child Abduction Warning Notice (or any register, order or notice succeeding these) to use or visit the park.

Not to use the park as a registered address for any purpose, including (but not limited to) bail, parole, benefits, medications.

You agree that if you or any of your family members or visitors or guests whom you have invited to the park break the behaviour standards listed above then we may terminate your booking without refund of payment.

15. Use Of Our Website

As a condition of your use of our website, you accept and agree that you will not use our website for any purpose that is unlawful or prohibited by these terms, conditions, and notices. You may not use our website in any manner which could damage, disable, overburden, or impair our website or interfere with any other party’s use of our website.

You may not obtain or attempt to obtain any materials or information through any means not intentionally made available or provided for through our website. Data and images may not be collected from our website, including our press page, for publication elsewhere without the express written permission of the park.

16. Complaints

We are most concerned that you have an enjoyable holiday. Should you nevertheless have cause for complaint, please advise our Site Manager immediately, so that the complaint can be investigated and action taken. If our Site Manager is not available, or if you are not satisfied with the action taken, you should put your comments in writing, within 14 days of your holiday to: Customer Care Manager, Bath Chew Valley Caravan Park, Ham Lane, Bishop Sutton, BS39 5TZ. We will endeavour to send a response within seven working days.

17. The Company

The term Bath Chew Valley Caravan Park & its derivatives encompasses Melborough Estates Ltd, its owners, directors, employees & agents.

18. English Law

The contract will be governed by English Law.

19. Current Promotion Terms & Conditions

Touring Discounts

Christmas & New Year Decorating
There will be a free bottle of wine for each Christmas holiday booking that decorates their pitch in the seasonal style, with a competition to win a free 3 day break in the following season for the best display over the holiday period.
• Pitches should be decorated throughout, but bookings are only considered for the competition & given a free bottle of wine on one evening over Christmas (usually December 26th) & one evening over New Year (usually December 30th or 31st).
• If there is no sign of decoration during these rounds, the booking is ineligible for a free bottle of wine, or the competition.
• If no-one is available to accept the bottle of wine, it may be left by the van or in an awning.
• Judging for the competition takes place after the festive period has ended.
• The winner is contacted directly by email and an announcement is made on our social media channels.
• In particularly competitive years, we may issue runner-up prizes, solely at management's discretion.
• The offer is not exchangeable for any other discount or cash.

20. Further Terms

Further terms and conditions are available on written request.

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